High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Day Two

The second day of the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI got off to a fabulous start under brilliant, blue skies. The temperature dropped twenty degrees and no rain is in the forecast -- which means that after two years of rainouts, the Cannabis Cup Awards show w...

2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Saturday Night

At our Saturday night concert, Melissa Etheridge took the Cannabis Cup stage. Day One ended with her superb performance and a fireworks display!

2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Day One

It's Day One of the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI. Editor-in-chief Dan Skye shares the experience in photos.

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Tanner Hall

We met up with freeskiing legend Tanner Hall to chat about weed, the rebel spirit, and taking the time to think before you speak.

Poll: Which Pot Job Is Your Calling?

For most stoners, working in the cannabis industry might seem like a far away dream, but the burgeoning market means that with hard work, determination and (potentially) relocation, anyone can land a pot job. 



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