High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Quiz: Which Cannabis-Fueled Comedian Are You?

Everyone has a favorite comic, but do you know which stoner comedian you identify with the most? Take this quiz to find out!    

Hemp Celebration & Lakota War Pony Races This Weekend!

On June 25th, when the Lakota celebrate "Victory Day" -- the anniversary of their defeat of General Custer at the Little Big Horn in 1876 -- the White Plume family will turn the day into the "White Plume Hemp Victory Celebration." In the afternoon, the...

Pot Matters: Arizona Discord

A common concern in the politics of social change has always been whether the perfect becomes the enemy of the good. Indeed, the reasoning of holding out for the best public policy would have worked against every marijuana reform enacted over the four-plus decades. Every ...

Radical Rant: Big Rehab Needs Marijuana Prohibition to Survive

There have now been 10 straight national polls that have shown majority support for marijuana legalization. As public opinion switches to our side, our opponents are forced to reconfigure their strategy.  

21 Deep Thoughts We've All Had While High

Only true stoners will understand these.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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