High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


The Clinic: How Cannabis Can Help You Quit Cigarettes

Given the fact that daily marijuana use doesn't negatively affect health, while tobacco kills millions of people worldwide every year, that's some pretty sound medical advice from the dearly departed reggae legend. Puffing a joint instead of smoking a cigarette is...

Hemp, Uranium & Sacred Water: The White Plume Saga

The White Plume family, living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, tried to grow 0-percent THC hemp three times, in 2000, 2001, and 2002, on their tribal land. Hemp had been voted upon and legalized by the Tribal Council. However, all three times the family was raided b...

Dab Lab Part 2: Top Shelf

HIGH TIMES senior editor Bobby Black goes behind the scenes at one of Denver's most popular cannabis concentrate labs -- Top Shelf Extracts -- to see how they make their award-winning BHOs. Featuring an interview with Top Shelf owner Dan deSailles.

A Stoner's Guide to Sports Terminology

Have you ever noticed that both the sports world and the stoner world use similar terminology?

News of the Herb: Week 3

This Election Day, Americans everywhere got all kinds of new stuff. New York City got a new mayor, gay Illinois residents got the right to marry, and Colorado got a new tax on marijuana. While that last one might not sound as fun as the other two, let’s face it, we ...



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