High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Deer Devour Hemp Crops at Southern Oregon Farm

Deer got the munchies at an industrial hemp crop in southern Oregon.

Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment: Method 1

We put four popular cannabutter infusion methods to the test, then sent the results off to two separate labs to determine, once and for all, which one works best! Here's the first method. 

31 Marijuana-Inspired Manicures That Will Make You Want #WeedNails

Anyone who follows @livetheleaf on Instagram knows that HIGH TIMES has one of the coolest product managers around. Recently, we've been obsessed with her cool as fuck, marijuana-inspired nail art—so, we took it upon ourselves to find some of ...

Patients With Legal Access To Medical Cannabis Less Likely To Use Prescription Drugs

Patients with legal access to medical marijuana often reduce their use of conventional pharmaceuticals, according to a demographic review of patient characteristics published online in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.

The Politician Denial Syndrome Behind Marijuana Prohibition

The nature of the problem when it comes to teenage marijuana use is not the message, it’s the money. Kids buy marijuana from friends, and then they share it with other friends. Kids sell marijuana to their friends because it is profitable, very profitable. And marij...



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