High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Pot Matters: Marijuana Arrests to Continue in Ohio, But How Bad?

As the the defeat of the cartel-style legalization in Ohio continues to be analyzed, many commentators have noted that the biggest cost of ResponsibleOhio’s failed campaign is the continuation of marijuana arrests in the state.

Radical Rant: Ohio Issue 3 Loss Costs Marijuana Reformers the Moral High Ground

On Tuesday, when Ohio's pot legalization initiative failed to pass, some marijuana legalization advocates lost the moral high ground in the debate to end marijuana prohibition.  

Trimming Season Leads to Local Tension in Humboldt County

Residents in Humboldt’s small towns voice frustrations with transients littering, loitering and smoking pot on the streets. Called “trimmigrants” by the locals, the travelers come to experience marijuana mecca, looking to take part in...

Glass Artist of the Month: Wicked Water Works

Brian and Rebecca Peterson, also known as “Wicked” and “Mrs. Wicked,” are owners of Wicked Water Works. They met in 2003 in an art chat room and became quick friends. Drawn together by their love of art, they began dating in 2004 and married in 200...

Pot-Infused Halloween Candy Proven To Be An Urban Myth

Last year, the Denver Police Department and, Smart Colorado whose battle cry is “saving youth from marijuana,” outdid themselves with warnings of mortal danger facing children who might end up with pot-laced gummy bears in their trick-or-treat bags. Now, two H...



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