High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


The Big Pharma Marijuana Scam of 2015

With efforts to legalize medical marijuana across the United States having been largely successful in recent years, there is speculation that the federal government will soon make a move, possibly in 2015, to reschedule cannabis in an effort to allow a variety of herb-bas...

Psychedelicatessen: Winter Weed Punch

This Weed Winter Punch recipe is a festive, delicious spiced beverage meant for holiday gatherings. Replacing the traditional whiskey with a cannabis extract means this drink will come on faster than most solid edibles, as well as offer an alternative to alcohol.&nbs...

Homeless Drawn to Colorado’s Legal Marijuana

Directors of Denver-area homeless shelters say about a third of the people they serve relocated to Colorado for legal marijuana. “The older ones are coming for medical marijuana, the younger ones are coming just because it’s legal,” said Brett Van Sickle...

The Top Five Pro-Marijuana Stories You Didn’t Read About in 2014

We already know that 2014 has been a watershed year for cannabis reform in America. Though some of the bigger marijuana stories have taken up more time in the spotlight than others, let's reflect now on some lesser spread stories on the legalization movement. 

Our Highest Honors: The Best Edibles of 2014

Watching the dramatic expansion of the cannabis-infused foods industry in 2014 has been incredibly gratifying. Watching the dramatic expansion of the cannabis-infused foods industry in 2014 has been incredibly gratifying. Here are some of our favorite marijuana-amped...



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