High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


5 Videos to Watch When Baked: Week X

In this weekly segment, the staff here at HIGH TIMES brings you the best vids to watch after indulging.

5 Tips for Concert Toking

Anyone who has attended a concert can tell you that most end up as a hot box. It’s no secret that pot and live music is one of the best cannabis combos, but it’s often a game of finding the time and place. If you’re going to catch some live music in the ...

Psychedelicatessen: Buffalo-Style Hot Wings

A classic sports bar snack, these medicated Buffalo-Style Hot Wings were created by Cannabis Cheri, an activist and author living in Southern California, who believes in sprinkling a little bit of hash into everything. “These wings have tang, spice, and crunchy frie...

For $50,000 Idaho Could Have Medical Marijuana

When I read stories of families flocking to Colorado to get cannabis oil for their epileptic children, I sympathize with their journey to a strange new place. I’m too am red state refugee. I hitched a ride on the Undergreen Railroad back in 2003 to escape my birthpl...

The Clinic: Who To Believe About Weed, Lady Gaga or the DEA?

Senator Jeff Sessions has been a leading drug warrior in Congress since the days of Nancy Reagan and “Just Say No,” so imagine his dismay when President Obama recently told The New Yorker magazine that he doesn't believe marijuana is any more harmful than ...



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