High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Stoner Sex: Amping Desire, Budget Bondage, Different Strokes & 3-Ways

Hyapatia Lee answers all of your questions regarding cannabis and sexuality.

German Scientists Have Debunked Hair Testing for Pot

In a monumental scientific finding published on October 7, researchers from the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Freiburg, Germany have concluded that finding cannabinoids in hair does not prove cannabis consumption. In a surprising discovery they found that THC and its ...

Miss HIGH TIMES December: Heather Lee

Heather Lee calls herself a “small-town girl.” Originally from Tulare County, California, she says, “I started working in the cannabis industry when I was 18, helping my boyfriend water, maintain and harvest his outdoor cannabis gardens.”

5 Best Videos to Watch When Baked #64

In this weekly segment, HIGH TIMES brings you the best vids to watch after indulging.

Radical Rant: Ohio To Have $24M Medical Cannabis Research Facility, Artisanal Grows

This week, the International Cannabinoid Institute (ICI) held a press conference at the statehouse in Ohio to announce their commitment to building a $24 million state-of-the-art facility for the researching of medical cannabis.



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