Our second High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino drew thousands from the Inland Empire of Southern California, demonstrating that cannabis is the Golden State’s number one cash crop.
By Dan Skye

High on Mount Kushmore
Hip-hop’s weed-advocate OGs—Snoop Dogg, B-Real, Method Man and Redman—gather under the High Times banner for the ultimate smoke summit.
By J. Bennett

Living Organics
Mitch Shenassa details the reasons for growing organic, and describes award-winning techniques to increase the aroma and flavor of your pot by using a living soil mix and natural nutrients.

Our 40 Top Movies
To celebrate our 40th birthday, the High Times staff compiled a list of our favorite 40 flicks. The debate was long and contentious, but we came up with a list of 37 winners and three buzzkills!

Himalayan Cream
Pack your bags, we’re going hash-hunting! Journey to Manali, where concentrate connoisseurs stay for weeks on end sampling India’s finest hashish.
By Navkirat Sodhi

Growroom Electricity
We asked a trained electrician with years of experience to explain the basics of watts, amps and volts necessary for indoor gardeners to stay safe and harvest big.

High Times Interview: Nate Jackson
In his book Slow Getting Up, former NFL tight end Nate Jackson provides vivid insight into America’s most popular sport. He also shares a fresh player’s perspective on cannabis and other drugs in the league.
By Dan Skye