High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Cultivation Clinic: Pruning Tips and Tricks

One aspect of good cultivation that is often overlooked is the ability to prune cannabis plants effectively. Pruning not only helps to shape and train the plant’s development, which can be absolutely essential in small spaces or when growing  in a “se...

Global Harvest Report

As we await 2016 and the legalization of marijuana in California, we find that the impact of legal-use states like Colorado and Washington is already having a profound effect on the cannabis industry on the West Coast — both the medical side and the black market. Ev...

Strain Review: Sin Mint Cookies by The Health Center

Sin Mint Cookie nugs are dense, chunky, large, round/spear bud structure, deep green/purple hues, and lots of trichomes under magnification. The trichome heads show that this plant was harvested right around the peak of maturity. This resembles more of...

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup: Seed Company Flower Entries

Competition was strong in the seed company indica, sativa, and hybrid categories this year in Amsterdam Cannabis Cup with plenty of beautiful buds, classic strains, and new crossbreeds of marijuana.   

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup: Seed Company Hash Entries

Our judges had their hands full in both the seed company neder hash and import hash categories. See all the gorgeous slabs of hashish that Amsterdam has to offer during Cannabis Cup. 



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