High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Cloning Pot Plants Made Easy

Many growers remain mystified by cloning, finding it difficult to master the art of propagating many plants from one motherplant. Danny Danko explains the key factors that will allow any marijuana farmer to induce roots from cuttings over and over with ease.

The Best CBD Strains of 2015

Take a look back in time at the best CBD entrants to all the Cannabis Cups of 2015. Non-psychoactive on its own, CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and is being investigated for its anti-cancer anti-epileptic properties. Find out the lineage, lab results and judg...

Understanding Hydro: What are Chelates and Amino Acids?

Many hydro nutrient solutions these days advertise having amino acids, chelated minerals and humates, but how do these additives translate to bigger yields or better flavor? The science of hydro is continuously advancing and many products made for cannabis are on the cutt...

What Is The Best Way To Store Pot?

Storing medicinal quality marijuana correctly keeps it fresher longer. It’s up to you to protect your precious pot from natural enemies, such as mold, humidity and exposure to light.



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