High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Strain Solution: Muscle Spasms, Restless Leg Syndrome

Luc and the Paradise Seeds crew have scored pot points time and time again with their impeccable breeding efforts, which have produced strong crosses that will dependably grow into big, chunky buds. Their indica-heavy White Berry is no exception, delivering huge, frosty n...

Insider's Grow: Selecting a Mother Plant

Starting your next marijuana crop from seeds can be fun and exciting, but a lot of growers, especially with the time and money they have put into their gardens, are looking for consistent results and reliable harvest dates in their cropping calendar.

Organic Compost Tea for Big Buds Naturally

When you’re growing ganja way off the grid, it’s vitally important to become as self-reliant as possible. At this lovely medical marijuana garden in Northern California, that means not just cultivating your own medicine, but also growing your own food, brewing...

Strain Solution: Lack of Appetite

Bred and named in honor the late great Jack Herer, the noted marijuana activist who changed the course of cannabis history with his book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes [link to book], this strain is a throwback to the potent imports from Central and South America that wowe...

Nico's Nuggets: Light and Your Indoor Grow

We here at the HIGH TIMES cultivation department thought we would help to remind each of us of some important factors that can make all the difference in your holiday harvest. And since we are moving indoors, what better topic to reminisce on that light.



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