High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Grow Hack: Measure Nutrient Solution Accurately

Don’t ever let improperly measured nutrient solutions bring you down again; all it takes is good practice and the right equipment. Check out some of these tips on measuring fertilizer solutions to avoid the frustration and imprecision of taking multiple measurements...

Tricks & Tips To Make Full-Melt Dry Sift Hash

An expert in the art of hash-making reveals his tips and tricks for producing beautiful full-melt hashish. Learn the secrets to isolating the gland heads filled with cannabinoids and flavorful essential oils—all without the use of solvents or ice water.

Nico’s Nuggets: Seeds & Post-Harvest Planning

Have a question about growing marijuana? Our cultivation guru, Nico Escondido, is here to help with all the right answers.

Grow Hack: 7 Gadgets for the High-Tech Grower

Take the mystery out of indoor growing with a little help from your old pal, technology. A few simple yet quality gadgets can turn a home-grow into a miniature state-of-the-art cannabis production facility.

What's the Difference Between De-waxing and Winterizing?

Cannabis concentrates have become a topic that people in and out of this industry just can't seem to avoid. These concentrates seem to be popping up everywhere across the globe, and it's taking the cannabis community by storm. The demand is only going up, especial...



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