High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Grow Hack: The Cheapest and Most Effective Way to Humidify a Small Growroom

The cheapest and possibly most effective way to humidify a small growroom consists of a bowl, a towel and maybe a clothes hanger. If you experience dryness in the growroom and don’t want to invest in a humidifier, check out this simple method.

Grow Q&A: Can I Start A Motherplant From Feminized Pot Seeds

Have questions about growing cannabis? Our own cultivation expert, Danny Danko, is here to help with all of your marijuana grow concerns. Today's question is about starting a motherplant from feminized seeds.

Get Growin’ With the Ebb and Flow

The brain behind BUDS reveals the secrets to growing great ganja with HyGroCage, his simple yet highly effective hydro system.

Nico’s Nuggets: Balancing Water & Nutrient Needs For New Growers

Plants need both water and mineral nutrients to grow and develop into healthy plants. Nutrients are to plants what vitamins are to humans. There are two ways plants can get these nutrients; First, they can come from the grow medium itself—just like it does for plant...

Grow Hack: How to Build an Insect Hotel to Avoid Toxic Pesticides

What is an insect hotel? Just like a simple brush pile can make a habitat for beneficial insects, an insect hotel does the same for gardens located in places that are less-than-natural. By attracting beneficial insects you can reduce the use of expensive and toxic pestici...



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