High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


10 Terpenes Found in Cannabis

One of the most appealing parts of cannabis is the scents and flavors associated with the various varieties of the plant. Organic compounds known as terpenes are produced by most plants as a defense against herbivores, who otherwise would consume them, and as&nb...

Nico’s Nuggets: Hermaphroditism, Genotypes & Phenotypes

Have questions about cultivating cannabis? Our leading grow expert, Nico Escondido, is here to help with your questions! 

Pot Profiles: Buds and Roses

Buds and Roses has earned a reputation as one of the very best dispensaries in the country. Located in Studio City, California, Buds & Roses is an innovative force in the world of marijuana. The company’s emphasis on quality over quantity has led to multiple Can...

PIX OF THE CROP: 02.26.16

Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of February 26, 2016. 

How to Tell a Sativa from an Indica Right Through the Bag

Dispensaries and dealers don’t always get the strain names right for the pot they carry, a fact of life most consumers have to deal with. If you’re in the mood for either the couch-lock from a good Indica, or a clear-headed get-shit-done buzz from a pure Sativ...



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