High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


2016 U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival: More Day Two Highlights

The circus-like atmosphere of the U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival continued as Day Two came to a close. Throughout the afternoon, crowds grew to epic proportions as the stoner community of the Inland Empire showed up in force to see superstar rapper The Game on the main ...

2016 U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival: Day Two Begins

Day Two of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino kicked off the weekend with high winds and higher temperatures. But what else would you expect? Thousands flowed through the gates of the NOS Center and added their high spirits to this phat festive event.

2016 U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival: More Day One Highlights

Our army of photographers was out in full force on Day One of the HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival in San Bernardino, CA. Here's more coverage of the fun -- with two more days to come!

2016 U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival: Day One Highlights

The HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival got underway under sunny skies. Gusty winds made it hard to light joints, but there was no shortage of high vibes with circus performers, amusement park rides and plenty of American ganja to wow the cannabis crowd.

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