High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


The Stoned Gamer: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

This third person shooter is reminiscent of Gears of War or Call-of-Duty-style multiplayer, except your playing with awesome plants. It may sound childish, but for the stoned gamer, it was the best combination! You can play both sides of the battle, playing as a plant or ...

Stoned Reporters Announcing Legal Marijuana Are Downright Hilarious

This ended up being closer to real life than Seth McFarlane could have imagined, making it all the funnier. Check out Family Guy​'s stoned reporters for a quick laugh.

Don Peyote and Dan Fogler's THC Dream

Don Peyote tells the story of 32-year-old, unemployed stoner Warren Allman, who’s facing a midlife crisis over his upcoming wedding. Warren goes on the drug trip of a lifetime in this off-the-wall comedy starring Dan Fogler. This is Dan's final in...

Seth Rogen: No Pineapple Express Weed Before the Movie

Which came first: Pineapple Express the movie or the Pineapple Express the marijuana strain?

Matthew McConaughey Caught Playing Bongos Naked And High (Plus More Celeb Arrests)

Because of the ridiculous lifestyles, celebrities quite often have equally absurd run-ins with the law. Here are 7 bizarre celebrity arrests.  



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