High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Stuff Stoners Say

Our friends at ThingaMagid have crafted a compilation of stuff stoners say, ranging from pro to noob. Enjoy!

Louis CK Gets Way Too High

In this funny stoner video taken from LOUIE, our protagonist goes to his neighbors house to ask him to stop smoking weed and ends up hitting a bong himself. This is just one of the reasons why we love Louis CK, and why LOUIE is a great show.

Mountain Jam Celebrating 10th Anniversary

The tenth annual Mountain Jam festival will take place on Hunter Mountain in upstate NY this weekend, June 5-8, with 40 bands playing on multiple stages.

College Daze Part 2: The Spirit of Radio

High on the air during higher learning. (Almost Infamous - June 2014)

Sobriety Test: Ganja vs. Booze

A fake "drug enforcement" agent man took it to tourists in the streets of Amsterdam in this hilarious prank to see who could pass his sobriety test better -- stoners or drinkers. Extra points for his commentary and staying in character without laughing.



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