High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


5 People Matisyahu Wants to Smoke With (Video)

Reggae superstar Matisyahu takes the next step in his musical evolution with his latest release, Akeda, and speaks out in favor of cannabis. We asked Matis who he'd most like to smoke a joint with and he came up with this top five:

News Report: They're Smoking Weed!

Local news station in Dallas/Ft. Worth sends a reporter to San Francisco and he is shocked...SHOCKED that Californians enjoy smoking weed without the worry of being arrested or made into a criminal.

Legalize NY Fundraiser at Brooklyn's Bellhouse

Legalize Now NY held an “evening of music and awareness in support of sensible marijuana laws in NY” at the Bell House in Brooklyn on May 6, and some heavy hitters turned up to support the cause.

Is This Your Marijuana?

"I'm not sure if I should grab this, but uh..." begins this prankster as he pulls a bag of "marijuana" out of his recently received bag of fast food.

Miley Cyrus: A PSA On How Rolling Joints Will Get You Laid

You love to hate her, but Miley Cyrus still happens to be one of the loudest voices for marijuana in the celebrity world right now.



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