High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Parody: COSMOS on Weed

The folks over at Nacho Punch crafted the best parody of "COSMOS" you will ever see.

Animated Guide To Smoking Marijuana For The First Time

If you're reading this we're going to assume you have already smoked quite a lot of weed in your day. But nonetheless, here's one to file for later to pass on to that special someone who may have never been exposed to the greatness of cannabis.

HIGH TIMES' 40 Greatest Stoner Movies of All Time

To celebrate HT’s 40th anniversary, the HIGH TIMES staff compiled a list of our 40 favorite flicks. The debate was long and contentious, but we came up with a list of 37 winners and three buzzkills!

Game Sells Used Weed Scale at Yard Sale

WESTSIDE sign? Check. Vintage weed scale? Check. Dozens of items for ballers on a budget? Checkey, check, check, check!

5 Crazy Daredevil Videos You Should NOT Watch High

Do you like to freak out? Enjoy watching videos through your fingers as you cover your face, rock back and forth and mumble no no no no? If you're on the fence about the answers to those questions, maybe you should stay sober as you give these vids a peruse.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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