Times may be tough right now, but hang in there burners. The universe is always flexing and checking like a security guard on angel dust. Just when you are down to your last nugget, you remember to scrape your Uncle Frank’s wooden 'Zeppelin' bong. Now you have a glob of resin from 1978 that will make your head feel like a 'Misty Mountain Laser Show.' What am I talking about, new funny vids and stellar pics. 

Check out this video - "Stoop Sale" -  I shot this with Tony Camin (writer of The Marijuana-Logues). None of the people we talk to on the street are real actors. There is also a cameo of a sexual aggressive Godzilla.

Stoop Sale - watch more funny videos

Life is not all about money.  It is about the stuff you can buy with money, like food and weed. Here is another installment of 'Rob’s Recession Tips'.

Congrats to RUN DMC for being inducted to the ‘Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.' Check them out on an early TV appearance - "Graffiti Rock." Watch out for Buffalo '66 B-Boy Prince Vince aka Vincent Gallo in the intro. Word Up.

Here is a sample of me rapping with my beat machine LIVE at a comedy show in NYC, the song is called “Married N Shit.”

Married & ish LIVE Sample NYC - watch more funny videos


This is good graffiti

This is good bad Graffiti

Time to get the Led & Dread Out.



"By confronting us with irreducible mysteries that stretch our daily vision 2 include infinity, nature opens an inviting and guiding path toward a spiritual life" - Somebody Deep


Thanks 4 reading & watching.

Peace, Love, & Having Fun


Rob Cantrell