I'm sitting here in Coffeeshop Amnesia, where it's about to turn 4:20. Of course, back in the states its only 10:20am, which means my coworkers back at HT are just starting their days. Me, I’ve already been working for about four hours -- that is, if you consider weighing out grams of hash and mixing milkshakes “work.” The manager here -- a beautiful brazilian girl named Raphaela -- has been kind enough to teach me how to work the weed counter and handle the rest of her duties. After my quick training session, I'm soon wheeling and dealing -- first, I sold a gram to a nice dude from Virginia. A few minutes later, I sold another American guy an assortment of strains, including G13, Utopia Haze and Laughing Buddha. It’s a wild feeling to hand someone a bag of weed, take money from them and put it in a cash register in broad daylight.

Raphaela also walked me through a restocking of inventory when a shipment arrived. Then, the barista Ashley talked to me about her experiences as an American (from Louisiana) living and working in Amsterdam, while teaching me how to make one of Amnesia’s famous milkshakes (no, there’s no weed in it).

My shift technically ends at 5pm, but something tells me I’ll be working overtime tonight. But not too late, because tomorrow I'm off to witness and work a seed harvest at the Barney's fabled farm.

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