Wow… I’m back here at Amnesia after a fun, busy few days. This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to [location withheld] and visit six of the growrooms that comprise Barney’s Farm. The two guys entrusted with this crucial job of breeding and maintaining Barney’s and Amnesia’s entire genetic stock are known as Genesis and Jeepster.

The gardens were scattered across a few different cities and contained several strains in various stages of development. This included rooms of males, mothers, clones and flowering females bursting with seeds and ready to put forth their bounty. Genesis demonstrated his seed harvesting methods and gave me a chance to get my hands sticky and harvest a batch of K9 seeds. I also learned how to trim and pollinate, saw some beautiful views along the coast and ate some unique local cuisine -- including squid, rabbit, octopus and an entire bowl full of snails. Trust me -- it tastes way better than it sounds.

As crazy as this may sound, it felt kind of weird for me to be touring growrooms, taking notes and shooting video. I’m no botanist -- I had a little cactus once as a kid and I managed to kill it in a matter of weeks. Normally, I’m more than happy to leave cultivation to the experts like Nico and Danko. But I’ve been at HIGH TIMES for 15 years, so I figure it’s high time for my first grow story.  And I can’t think of a better place to begin than Barney’s Farm.

But now I’m back in the Dam, burning some Top Dawg with Nico and getting ready for my busiest day yet tomorrow: I’m doing a photo shoot at 9am, then all afternoon I’ll be tackling one of the riskiest aspects of the coffeeshop business. That’s all I can say for now… check back later for more details.

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Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part One

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