I arrived this morning, hopped a train into Central Station and met Derry at Barneys Breakfast Bar for coffee. He hooked me up with a nice chuck of Malana Cream and a few grams of Hawaiian Snow. As I got my hippie speedball on, he filled me in on what’s been going down in town. Then, after some brunch across the street at his Uptown restaurant, he takes me out to the place where I’ll be staying for the next two weeks -- it’s a former drophouse (a secret storage site for inventory pickups and dropoffs). It also happens to be a penthouse with a balcony overlooking the river. Obviously, it pays to be a playah.

Sissi was waiting for us when we arrived. I met Sissi on my first trip to the Cannabis Cup back in 1994 (the 7th), and over the past 15 years she has become my truest and closest friend in Europe. She used to own the hip little Quentin Hotel, where Jimi Hendrix stayed when he came to the Dam. She let us blaze out in the lobby all night and day, and can be seen in quite a few of our ceremonial 4:20 am photos there. It was actually her idea for me to come and do this story, and after two years of talking about I’m finally here. Tomorrow, I’ll be reporting for duty at her coffeeshop Amnesia, where I’ll be learning the ropes from her experienced staff on the ins and outs of working behind the counter at one of the city’s chillest, most popular smoke spots.

Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Introduction
Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part Two
Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part Three
Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part Four