When you think about stoner dream jobs, there’s one place (other than HIGH TIMES!) that’s at the very top of every tokers list: working at a coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

To live in this stonertopia city and be surrounded by, smoke and sell the world’s best weed, seems almost too cool to be considered work. But this romanticized vision is only half the story. What’s it really like to own and run a coffeeshop, and be a Cannabis Cup champion? What’s it like to work behind the counter at a coffeeshop, and is it really possible for an American to leave everything behind, run away to the Netherlands and land a job selling weed legally?

These are the questions I’m here to answer. And to do that, cannabis power couple Derry (owner of Barneys) and his wife Sissi (owner of Amnesia) have afforded me exclusive, unprecedented access to cover the operation of their coffeeshops from the inside out.

From which strains to breed and order, to making payrolls and taxes, to the elaborate dance through the twilight zone of Dutch laws, regulations and shifting tolerances, I’ll be behind the scenes to record it all -- so stay tuned!

Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part One
Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part Two
Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part Three
Inside an Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Part Four