Vaporella headed back to NY this morning, so I spent the day being a tourist—rolled down Rodeo (sans shotgun), swung by the Playboy mansion for a few seconds, and went to the entertainment museum where I had my picture taken in Norm's chair from Cheers and in Picard's chair on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. A quick shower and bite later, I was on my way to the Troubadour again to see Monster Magnet and Bongzilla begin their American tour.

The last time I’d seen Monster Magnet was back in May, on the day their latest album Monolithic Baby was released. They’d come up to the Sirius studios at Rockefeller Center to do a performance/interview on my show, and afterwards I partied with some of the guys until four am. I was looking forward to another of those nights here in California. Bordas-Flores made it out to the show, along with Dominic and one of his actresses named Victoria. She wasn't exactly what I expected a porn star to be, but was actually very cute and down to earth.

Needless to say, Monster Magnet were incredible. Few songwriters are as imaginative as Dave Wyndorf, and few guitarists carry on the acid rock tradition better than Ed Mundell. After their set, we hung out backstage for awhile, then I accompanied the band and their extended posse across the street to their hotel, where we chilled poolside and got chastised by the management for awhile. At one point, Jim (Baglino) busted out a bottle of Czek absinthe and we starting taking swigs. As the band members began disappearing into their rooms with females, I finally called it a night, and a week. I had to pack and catch a flight to San Francisco the next day. But that's a whole other story…

Hooray for Hollywood, motherfuckers.