Tonight doom masters High On Fire were playing at the Knitting Factory. Since they also had a song on the compilation, I’d approached them about playing the High Times show, but they had already booked a gig in San Francisco. Most of the opening bands were a bit too "cookie monster" for my taste, so I stayed in the front room digging some killer young Testament-style thrash band called Desecrator.

High On Fire opened their set with their compilation track "To Cross The Bridge" and delivered a bludgeoning set. I got a chance to bullshit a bit with frontman Matt Pike after the show, and also managed to score the phone number of an adorable blond bartender who I planned to meet up with the next day. On my way out I ran into Kate and Jennifer, the two bellydancers from the night before and struck up a conversation. Turns out they were pagan like me (I’m an initiated witch) and I had a lot in common with them, especially Jennifer. I invited them back to my car to smoke a joint, and before I knew it I was giving them a lift back to their hotel. They had some sangria in their room, they said, and invited me up for a drink. That’s right—me, and two bellydancers, alone in a hotel room, at 2 am, with wine and weed. Yes, this really is my life.

Jen and I had started making out in the parking lot of their hotel, but she made it clear on the way to their room that if I had any erotic expectations I shouldn't bother coming up. I told her that was cool—I say, better a chick let you know where you stand upfront than mindfuck you all night. Besides, Black's Third Rule of Cool is never let 'em see you sweat. Nothing makes a chick lose respect for the BBD faster than appearing too anxious or eager. We spent the next two hours drinking, smoking and talking about everything from sex to religion to politics. Jen didn’t want to make her friend uncomfortable, so every time Kate stepped out for a cigarette I'd grab Jen and we'd make out until she came back in. I finally left just after 4:20 am, with plans to meet up with them out in the desert in the next couple of days.