What's good Kush Cougherz? I'm chilling... Smoking my haze waiting 4 my big homey to hit the cell...  That's right 2day is my big homey Redman Birthday! Red is the realest nigga I ever met in this game...  Taught me alot! When I first met Redman I was dating the top model in nyc (cannot disclose name) & she was invited to a big Tommy Hilfiger party. She didn't wanna go so she said Ic you go. So I went & the shit was poppin! Every hot rapper was there. Lil Kim, Jay-z, Busta, Diddy Everyone! Everyone shinning... I chilled 4 a minute... Smoked a L with Black Rob, watched Jay-Z escort a model to the bathroom. I sipped some of Diddy's Cristal after he bought almost all of them & then I jetted... I get outside & I see Busta & Redman caught in a deep convo... I'm looking like wow. So I jetted to the parking lot, pulled the benz out & drove around to the front of the party where Redman & Busta was at. I hopped out the car & just leaned on it until they were finished talking... Soon as Redman gave Busta the pound I walked up to him like what's up? Red started reaching 4 his gun (he later told me he thought i was tryn to stick him), I was like "Wuddup Red I Rhyme". He saw I was serious & relaxed... He said, "Spit something".  So I spit a verse for him... He grabs me in a headlock & pulls me over to his truck where Rockwilder is sitting listening to tracks. He taps Rockwilder & says "you gotta hear this lil nigga"... He looks at me & says, "spit another verse"..  I spit another one & Rock looked at me & say welcome to the team... Then Red said give me your number nigga..." I gave him my cell & he gave me a pound... He said "I gotta jet"... He hopped in his truck & jetted... I hopped in the benz & jetted... About 2 days later he called me, "Yo wuddup nigga where you at?" he said.  "I'm in Flatbush Brooklyn" I said.  "Well pack a bag. We gotta show in Buffalo tonight & Miami tomorrow" he said, "A car service is going to call you when I hang up. Give them your address" and he hung up. That was the beginning... SInce I've been on 5 Tours with him... Was featured on his last 2 albums "Malpractice" & "Red Gone Wild" & a gang of other shit... Redman is my mentor in this game & I gotta give him a huge Happy Birthday Shoutout... 

Happy Birthday Big Homey!  

It's Aries Season!!!


Redman Ft. E3 & Icadon - http://thenewclassic.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/methredbo2.jpg

Method Man & Redman's New Album Coming soon..


Wus Dat Sound - Icadon Ft. Redman & Kay Slay (Produced By, Rockwilder) http://www.zshare.net/audio/572809317c3a7d38/


Do remember that Me & my homey Rockwilder will be performing @ The Ms. High Times Beauty Pageant this Monday - April 20th!!  High Times Mag 420 party!!  Make sure you get your tickets before they are all gone!!!


My Drohibition Mixtape drops on the same day!!!  4/20 (April 20th)! Check here on Monday for the link to get my new mixtape download "The Drohibition"!


Shout to my homey Lil Cease!!  


I read a interesting weed poem that someone sent me. Check it out:


The day I started smokin weed


I wondered why I waited


A miracle plant from a tiny seed


Didnt care bout anything I hated


I no longer take prescriptions


Anxiety replaced by confidence


No more negative inflictions


Life is sweeter on the other side of the fence


Harmonius Sensation




Hustlers out there selling weed


Who says crime doesnt pay


The winner is the one with more greed


The day he dies might be today


Maybe he will take out the competition


Thats why he carries a gun


Want to put an end to the repitition


There is a way it can be done


Criminal Cessation




Its all love when I smoke weed


I have no enemies, just friends


the government should take heed


Instead of war puff and OZ to make amends


Heal our Inflictions




Decrease Convictions




Bring peace to our Nation



By: @DIAMONDBLU315 (Follow her on twitter)

If you don't already know my twitter is @Icadon. Follow me if your not already following me..   That's it for me yall..   Til the next session...   Light Up And Blaze!!!!!!