A 420 to Remember
The first-ever US Cannabis Cup on 4/20 drew thousands to Denver. It was a weekend for celebrating legal pot and stellar weed.

Awesome in Austin
The 2013 Doobie Awards smoke out SXSW.
By Bobby Black

Happy Birthday, LSD
Martin A. Lee, author of the acclaimed Acid Dreams and Smoke Signals, takes a look back at the history of turning on.

America’s Best Breeders
The High Times cultivation department delivers the buzz on six of the greatest marijuana seed producers in the US and how they got their start on their award-winning strains.
74 Growing Colder
Once again, Health Canada is making life miserable for medical marijuana patients, while Canadian growers wonder whether their livelihoods are going up in smoke.
By Dan Skye

Organic Budder
From K. of Trichome Technologies and Mel Frank comes the second installment of our groundbreaking series on creating cleaner concentrates. Plus: Budderking’s organic method.

HIGH TIMES Interview: Adrian Grenier
He’s best known as the movie-star leader of the posse on HBO’s Entourage, but Adrian Grenier is also a documentary producer. His latest film,  How to Make Money Selling Drugs, is a frank exploration of the government’s War on Weed.
By Mary Ought Six