High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Deltron 3030 to Perform at the 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

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HIGH TIMES is happy to welcome Del the Funky Homosapien back to the Cannabis Cup. Deltron 3030 will perform at the 27th Annual Cup in Amsterdam, which takes place November 23-27, 2014.


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By Rak Razam

Cannabis Competitors Roll to Victory

Approximately 400 people gathered on the grass in Anisq’Oyo’ Park on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the skills of Isla Vista’s best blunt and joint rollers at the 2nd Annual Joint Rolling Contest, nearly tripling the event’s attendance from last year...

Kubby Case Becoming Media Circus

Marijuana activist to appear in court today


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In Czech Society, Marijuana is Part of the Mainstream

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - The man with the dancing eyebrows and the blurry tattoo stands in the chilled night and opens the barred gate to his apartment. A dog sleeps on the bed; a snapping turtle floats inside a glass coffee table. A hot light glows in the bathroom, where 11...

Steve Kubby Captured

SAN FRANCISCO — Medical marijuana crusader Steve Kubby is back in California to serve jail time after spending several years as a fugitive in Canada.

Tennessee "Crack Tax" Brings in Nearly $2 Million in First Year

During its first year, Tennessee's "Crack Tax" has brought in nearly $2 million dollars in state revenue.

California Assembly Passes Hemp-Farming Bill

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The state Assembly on Thursday approved a bill that would add California to the growing number of states seeking to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp -- a biological relative of marijuana.

Failed Pot Refugee Steve Kubby Leaves Canada to Face U.S. Jail Sentence

There was an emotional farewell Thursday at Vancouver International Airport as medical marijuana crusader Steve Kubby reluctantly returned to the United States to face a jail sentence.

Authorities Seize Land of Man Facing Marijuana Charges

MILWAUKEE - An undeveloped plot of land owned by a man facing marijuana trafficking charges has been seized by the Internal Revenue Service, which said it was bought with proceeds from drug dealing and used to grow marijuana.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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