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HIGH TIMES Interview: Charlo Greene

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Charlo Greene grabbed international headlines last month when she left her job as a reporter for Anchorage’s KTVA with the now famous phrase, “Fuck it – I quit.” Greene decided it was time for her role as a journalist to take a backseat to her role...


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LOS ANGELES, CA (KNX) -- West Hollywood's community City Council will vote on an ordinance that would instruct the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, not to target adults who possess small amounts of marijuana or smoke the herb in private, say city officials.

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Norway will begin construction of a "doomsday vault", a vast top-security seed bank in a mountain near the North Pole to ensure food supplies in the event of environmental catastrophe or nuclear war.

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(AP) LOS GATOS A tip from a hiker has led to the discovery of thousands of marijuana plants in a popular park in the Santa Cruz Mountains.



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