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HIGH TIMES Interview: Charlo Greene

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Charlo Greene grabbed international headlines last month when she left her job as a reporter for Anchorage’s KTVA with the now famous phrase, “Fuck it – I quit.” Greene decided it was time for her role as a journalist to take a backseat to her role...


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Rohnert Park Man Beats the Rap on Pot-stuffed Teddy Bear

Police in Rohnert Park who ripped open a teddy bear inside a sealed package and found it stuffed with marijuana can't justify their no-warrant search on the grounds that the sender used a phony name, a state appeals court has ruled.

Former 'Married With Children' Star 'Bud Bundy' Arrested in New Smyrna Beach

The man who once played the son on TV's 'Married... With Children' has been arrested on charges of marijuana possession and disorderly intoxication, New Smyrna Beach police said.

Amsterdam Airport Deploys Body-scanning Machines

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Amsterdam's Schiphol airport began using new body-scanning machines at security checkpoints on Tuesday, the first major airport to use the technology to find metals and explosives hidden under clothing.

Unsigned Bands: Beardo


Unsigned Bands: Beardo


Tony Soprano: 'This is some amazing dope!'

It had to happen. Tony Soprano finally smoked a joint on The Sopranos. Fuggetaboutit!

Busted: Guy Named "Stoner" Growing Pot

Hudson, Florida -- Deputies say they have shut down a marijuana grow house, seizing 94 pot plants and arresting the resident, 31-year-old Jason Robert Stoner.

Small but Growing Number of Seniors Using Drugs

Seniors constitute the fastest growing population group in Canada, and some of them use illicit drugs. Researchers say older adults tend to be an under-recognized group of drug users but it's a trend that needs study and attention.

MAY 2007


MAY 2007




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