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PIX OF THE CROP: 10.21.14

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Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of October 21, 2014.


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College Student Deals Millions in LSD from Dorm Room

A freshman University of Houston student is in jail, accused of dealing millions of dollars worth of LSD from his dorm room.

CONCERT REVIEW: Ween @ Terminal 5, NYC

By Zac Bardou

Marijuana Rules Could Seed a New Industry

Proposed rules for medical marijuana providers could open the door to private nonprofit or for-profit producers in New Mexico.

Study: Overall Teen Drug Use Declining

WASHINGTON (AP) — Illicit drug use by teens continued to gradually decline overall this year, but the use of prescription painkillers remains popular among young people, according to a federally financed study released Tuesday at the White House.

Branson Police Find $100,000 Worth of Pot in U-Haul Truck

More than 100 pounds of marijuana was confiscated early Friday morning following the arrest of an El Paso, Texas, man for leaving the scene of an accident.

Canna Zine: "Giuliani Wrong on Marijuana"

A team of scientists in London, have categorically disproven the claims of Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani that "marijuana has no use in medicine." Giuliani, on the campaign trail in New Hampshire this week, has stated many times in public, that marijuana has...

MOVIE REVIEW: Steep - The Story of Big Mountain Skiing

There’s an inherent need residing within the adrenaline junkie that allows – or, perhaps more accurately, forces – them to eschew the boundaries and mores of society and create their own. This reconfiguration of what’s acceptable human behavior almost...

U.S. Reels in $4.7B of Cocaine

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Coast Guard has reeled in a record 355,000 pounds of cocaine over the past year, results that officials say have forced smugglers to transport their drugs through costlier methods like semisubmersible vessels and liquefied drugs.

January 2008 Issue Preview -- The 7th Annual Stony Awards

Jorge Cervantes takes a little break from his judging duties at the 20th Anniversary Cannabis Cup to tell you about the latest issue of HIGH TIMES. The January 2008 issue reveals the winners of the 7th Annual Stony Awards and features an interview with the legendary Willie N...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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