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2014 HIGH TIMES Denver Medical Cannabis Cup Indica Entries

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Check out all the entries in the Medical Indica Category for the 2014 HIGH TIMES Denver Cannabis Cup – April 19 & 20.


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Johnny Damon Likes the Weed

Johnny Damon is officially (at least on record) the coolest Yankee out there. He has an interview in the new issue of Mens Journal and admitted to smoking pot when he was younger, saying " it's part of life, it's natural, it's from the earth". Now when I see Damon tossing in...

Veefers Top Reefers

There was a rare celebrity sighting at last night's High Times-Vanity Fair softball match: Tom Hanks. Yes, Forrest Gump was at the game. No kidding. His redheaded daughter Liz plays for the Veefers. Before the game I asked him if he was going to play. He said he hadn't in a ...

REVIEW: A Scanner Darkly

By Brian Abrams

Rainbow Family May Unite Against Federal Authority

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLO. - A founding member of a hippie movement called the Rainbow Family suggested Saturday that it launch a federal lawsuit against a growing crackdown on their annual gatherings.

Russia Will Not Legalize Marijuana - Putin

“Russia is a member of international agreements under which marijuana is a prohibited drug. Russia will adhere to its international obligations in this sphere,” Putin said during a Web cast. He said the legalization of soft drugs in a number of countries had not ...

New York City Names Street After Pot Smoking Icon

Hahaha... Just kidding... kinda. The one and only Bob F-ing Marley had a street named after him in Brooklyn over the weekend. An eight-block stretch of Church Avenue between Remsen Ave and East 98th street in East Flatbush will henceforth forever be known as Bob Marley Boule...


Rob Van Dam is just your average, long-haired, pot-smoking hippie who’s always at peace with himself—especially when he’s kicking somebody in the face!

U.S. Needs to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Two weeks ago, my congressman, U.S. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, wrote to tell me he thinks I should have been jailed for using the treatment that helped me survive cancer. Of course, he didn't put it that way, but it's the truth.

Lynn Zimmer, Ph.D Died July 2nd at the Age of 59

Professor Zimmer, a sociologist at Queens College in New York, was widely regarded among both drug policy scholars and activists as the most original thinker on drug issues in the United States. She co-authored (with her dear friend and colleague, Dr. John P. Morgan) the bo...

Rainbow Tally Tops 10,000; Number of Law Enforcement Officers Up to About 100

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Legal clouds could cast shadows on the Rainbow gathering's sunniest moment.



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