High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Heartbreaking Video Challenges Views on Medical Marijuana

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An extremely moving TED talk earlier this month about medical marijuana left the entire crowd in tears. Check it out to see why.


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As Cannabis Cup opening ceremonies get underway here in Amsterdam, we thought we'd take a moment to post a list of the official coffeeshop entries for this year (in alphabetical order). Are you ready? Can you handle it? Here they are:

The High Priest Arrives at the 21st Cup

Although lines are long at the second day of pre-registration, spirits are high at the 21st Cup, especially after the arrival of this year's High Priest, Andrew Tosh.

Pro-Pot Activists Protest after Coffee Shop Raid

 Source: [link|http://www.thestar.com/Crime/article/540975|www.thestar.com]

Amsterdam to Shut 43 Cannabis Cafes

Source: [link|http://www.spiegel.de/international/0,1518,591970,00.html|www.spiegel.de]

Miss High Times Arrives at the 21st Cannabis Cup

Sarah arrives at the 21st Cannabis Cup and already has a favorite strain. Also some rare footage of Rita Marley performing "One Draw" at the 10th Cannabis Cup.


Thank the Gods... we're finally here.

The Nose Checks Out Three Contenders for the 21st Cup

Steve Hager visits three important coffeeshops and takes their entries to the Nose to get an opinion. Also includes some archival footage of the 10th Cannabis Cup honoring Bob Marley.

Unsigned Bands: Trailer 4 House Band

Trailer 4 House Band



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