High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


2014 HIGH TIMES Seattle US Cannabis Cup: Vendor Interviews

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Get to know some of the companies behind the award-winning products featured at the HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup in Seattle, September 6-7, 2014. 


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LETTER #19 -- Surrounded by the Man

One day, after picking-up a friend, we decided to go back to his house to smoke a joint, play some video games and attend to our everyday business. After rolling the joint and chit-chatting a bit, I happened to glance out the window to see a front yard FULL of police officer...


Not much to report this week. Flowering continues rapidly. Topped each container off with a about a quart of water today and rotated them under the lamp.

LETTER #18 -- Turn in three, go free!

I had a best friend of more than ten years turn me in. I guess he got into some trouble with the law, and the rule of thumb with the cops here in Washington state is, "Turn in three to go free!" Well, I guess I had the bad luck of being one of his three.

LETTER #17 -- Stay Out of Texas

I've been busted twice, both times in Texas! The first time was at a small party. I guess we were all being a little too loud and the neighbors called the cops. Instead of waiting for a female officer, one of the male cop frisked me and found a metal pipe in my pocket and a ...


Dude, it’s back. Some people have been playing SimCity games for a decade, and now a new version, SimCity4, is out. Maxis freaks will be happy to know it delivers absolutely everything fans of the series have been waiting for, even if its not flawless.


Dude, messing with nature is cool. Impossible Creatures is a new real-time strategy (RTS) game that lets you create armies of combined creatures and fight them to the death. It stands out with a great single player experience and fun gameplay, but does have some rough spots.

LETTER #16 -- Shoplifting While Stoned

I am writing this letter in place of my friend who will not see the outside of a jail for some three years. My friend had a date one night with his girlfriend and decided to get a little high before going to meet her. He smoked a nice fat joint and headed out the door. On th...


The girls in the flowering chamber look great. They’ve really taken off in the last few days, and buds are forming everywhere. Checked the pH of the soil mix and found it between 6.0 and 6.5 for the most part.

LETTER #15 -- BUSTED by a Trucker

In early August 2002, my friend and I were driving back from my parents' house in Oklahoma to Southern California, where we live. We brought with us a fine bubbler, quality herb, and a book called "Hashish". While driving through New Mexico we enjoyed a fine hand-rolled jo...


Live Joint, the debut album from the notorious High Times Cannabis Cup Band, is set for release by High Times Records on Feb. 11, 2003. A wicked compendium of reggae, hip-hop, ska and rock tracks recorded live in New York, Amsterdam and Oregon, Live Joint features an all-st...



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