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Cannabis Cup Interview: Robert Platshorn

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Robert Platshorn served more time in prison than any other person for a nonviolent marijuana offense (30 years). Since his release, Platshorn has turned his attention to activism – specifically extolling the virtues of pot to seniors through his Silver Tour.


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LETTER #33 -- Can I Trespass, Officer?

Living just a couple of miles south of Oakland, California we are privileged to have easy access to Humboldt County green. So my friend, my cousin, and I always toke whenever the situation calls for it. We smoke in private residences, public areas -- just about anywhere -- a...

LETTER #32 -- A Single Mother's Story

Three years ago in May, I met a friend at the local greasy spoon for eggs benedict and fried potatoes. I sold him an ounce of the “homegrown” I had in the basement of my middle class house in north Seattle. I was a struggling single mom trying to survive without ...

LETTER #31 -- BUSTED by the Neighborhood Cop

OK, here is my story. I am 18 years old and have lived in the same little house on the same road in the same town for my whole life. I have been smoking pot for about 4 years now and have never had any problems with the law enforcement... until last night!


Edward Rosenthal was prosecuted for growing and distributing medical marijuana in compliance with the California Compassionate Use Act. At his federal trial, District Court Judge Charles Breyer refused to let the jury learn that Rosenthal was growing marijuana for medical us...


Once one of the most visible and persistent symbols of the ‘60s, Abbie Hoffman is the mythmaking cofounder of the Yippies (along with Jerry Rubin) and has been a fugitive for the last six years, ever since his 1973 arrest in New York for conspiracy to sell cocaine.

LETTER #30 -- Not Clean Enough

I've got to submit myself for a drug screening test every three years due to the nature of my job. We're told the date of the test at least a month in advance. I have (actually, I had) a £45k (US$68k) a year job on an oil rig. It took me 4 years of study at university, p...


HIGH TIMES’ editor Larry “Ratso” Sloman -- whose own habits are so depraved and unspeakable that he obviously finds in John Waters a kindred spirit –- decided to meet the Sleaze King in his stamping grounds, Baltimore.

LETTER #29 -- The Wrong Driveway

I was driving with three of my friends and smoking a fat-ass dutch, or taking a "stride ride" as we call it. It was pouring rain and all of my windows were up, so we were hotboxing the hell out of my whip. We were driving past a school where local cops are known to park and...

LETTER #28 -- Raver Roadblock

A few weeks ago, me and my buddies were headed out to the desert from Phoenix, Arizona. We were headed to one of our beloved desert raves, about 25 miles north of Phoenix. In my pocket I had 2 grams of sweet tasty kind bud as well as my Sneak-A-Toke. We arrived some time aro...

LETTER #27 -- The Cops Tracked Me Down

My story begins in a small California town in probably the only remaining industrial farming county in California. It was my first year in college and it was also my first experience away from home, so as do most young adults I made a few mistakes. My first was moving into ...



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