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The HIGH TIMES Kitchen: Ganja Guacamole

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Welcome back to the HIGH TIMES kitchen! With softball season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to share the THC-infused guacamole recipe that powers the HIGH TIMES Bonghitters! Ganja Guacamole stones 8.


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Alan Young, a 46-year-old professor at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, is knocking the foundations out from under Canada’s pot prohibition after nearly a decade of battling in the courts.

LETTER #48 -- Using Her Head

Well, after reading everyone else's busted stories, I couldn't let this one slide past you all because it definitely takes the cake of my busted journeys. Back in my late high school dazes, life was all about that sweet icky sticky, So one day my friend Art, Angela, and I de...


New York City-- Phillys, manufacturer of the popular Blunt cigar, have now unveiled the Blunt Patch, specially designed to curb the cravings of the hip-hop generation. Multi-platinum posterboy Nelly announced the new product launch at a press conference in the lobby of The F...

LETTER #47 -- Almost Busted in the Navy

About three years ago, while I was still in the Navy, stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago, I was caught with some buds. I actually had family who lived in Rockford, so sometimes I would take the one hour train ride to go and visit. Well, one weekend I went home an...

LETTER #46 -- Hot Boxing

But what I remember the most is the Pig saying "Man this is like something out of a Cheech and Chong movie.." we had quite a large amount of smoke coming out of that truck cab hehe...

LETTER #45 -- Pain

I am 23 years old and my whole life is about to change. I was arrested about six months ago on a misdemeanor marijuana charge. I had left a friend's house about 12:00 one night after sharing some good bud, when a police officer pulled out behind me, passed me up, and then sl...


While the festival’s music schedule was hit and miss and there were some fairly quiet periods in the middle of the 11-day run, it’s still fun to celebrate Independence Day in the progressive environment of Quebec’s most cosmopolitan city.

LETTER #44 -- Hidden Stash

My big weed arrest may have happened way back in 1977 but I've told the story many times and it's still amusing today. I had a friend who's brother was in college in Texas and would bring back a couple garbage bags of Mexican every time he came home for a visit. My friend w...


The Sweet Tooth clone mother is all but dead now. Only one tiny green shoot left. Talked to the grower who supplied the seed and discovered that this particular variety is auto-flowering. It can’t be kept in vegetation indefinitely. Would have be nice to know that be...


How could a young, illiterate peasant woman lead an army? Why would seasoned soldiers follow her? How was it that she appeared impervious to harm and quickly healed from wounds in battle? Where did her voices and visions come from? Was she crazy, or was Joan of Arc a true ps...



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