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HIGH TIMES Interview: Charlo Greene

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Charlo Greene grabbed international headlines last month when she left her job as a reporter for Anchorage’s KTVA with the now famous phrase, “Fuck it – I quit.” Greene decided it was time for her role as a journalist to take a backseat to her role...


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Pro-Marijuana Activist Indicted by Grand Jury

SKOWHEGAN - Thirteen people were indicted this month on 156 separate counts by the Somerset County grand jury. Included in the indictment list was Don Christen, 51, of Madison, a pro-marijuana activist and founder of The Maine Vocals. Christen was indicted on two counts of...

Man Died During Pot Raid

Family denies drugs in home

Get High on Marijuana, Fly and Fight for the Trophy

[India News]: Hajo (Assam), Jan 15:

Engine Fire Leads to Marijuana Discovery

January 13, 2005, 5:34 PM EST

Pot-using Politician did Dopey Thing

Friday, January 14, 2005

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Former U.S. Drug Czar Says Drugs are Bigger Problem than Terrorism

MEXICO CITY – Retired U.S. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, drug czar under former President Bill Clinton, said Wednesday the war against drugs is a bigger problem than the war against terror.

Supreme Court Rejects Federal Sentencing Rules

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday gave federal judges wide latitude in imposing punishments in an unusual, two-part decision that struck down sentencing rules used to set prison time for hundreds of thousands of criminals since 1987.



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