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PIX OF THE CROP: 10.21.14

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Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of October 21, 2014.


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18th Cup News #1

The 18th Cannabis Cup Opening Ceremonies will be held at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on Sunday, November 20th, and will feature a performance by Patti Smith. The Awards Show will be held on Thursday, November 24th, also at the Melkweg, and will feature the induction of John Tr...

Governor, Legislators Misrepresenting Effects of Marijuana

As a longtime Alaskan, a scientist and the mother of a teenage daughter, I am worried about how Gov. Frank Murkowski and Alaska legislators are approaching the marijuana issue. By ignoring the scientific data, they may be about to make our problems a whole lot worse.


MONTEL WILLIAMS: Don't Treat Patients Using Marijuana as Criminals

(SH) - You may know me as a television talk-show host, but here in 40 states, I am also a criminal. My crime? Using the medicine that has allowed me to lead a normal life, despite having multiple sclerosis: medical marijuana.

US Claims Diplomatic Immunity in Cocaine Case

A group of US soldiers arrested for alleged cocaine smuggling cannot be allowed to stand trial in Colombia, Washington's envoy to Bogota has said.

Heroin Addict Allegedly Dumped by Cops, Freezes to Death

Three officers deny manslaughter as court hears that addict mother was dumped over force boundary.

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Bill Advances

ST. PAUL, Minn., April 6 (UPI) -- A bill that would make Minnesota the 10th state in the nation to legalize marijuana for medical purposes has advanced for the first time.

THE CHONG SHOW - Almost Infamous (June 2005)

You might imagine that at a show called The Marijuana-Logues, the theater would be blanketed in a fog of pot smoke. But, alas, New York City’s draconian smoking laws make such a scene impossible. Nevertheless, the majority of the crowd packed into the Actors’ Pla...

Smelly Money Lands Indiana Man in Jail

Apr 7, 7:48 AM (ET)



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