High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Coolest Pool in the World

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Elemental Seeds has made a splash on the pot scene winning multiple Cannabis Cups. They test out their new strains in outdoor conditions. But what makes their operation special is their swimming pool. The deck is crowded with test strains. We’ll jump in their deep e...


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"Cannabis Gave Me My Life Back"

A BREAST cancer victim has made medical history as the first person in Scotland to be prescribed cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain.

Wiretaps in U.S. Jump 19 Percent in 2004

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of secret court-authorized wiretaps across the country surged by 19 percent last year, according to court records which also showed that not a single application was denied.


By Steve Bloom

Missouri Police: We've Seized Enough Marijuana to Roll About 26 Million Joints So Far This Year

Police in Missouri say they've seized enough marijuana to roll about 26 million joints so far this year, a signal that the drug is thriving in the Midwest.


1 In Every 138 Americans Behind Bars

WASHINGTON - While the U.S. crime rate has fallen over the past decade, the number of people in prison and jail is outpacing the number of inmates released, the government reports.

Mexican Marijuana Trade Growing in Quality, Sophistication

The shipment of marijuana from Mexico into Texas is changing, authorities say, citing the shift away from a seasonal marijuana market and an increase in the quality of the drug.

Russell Crowe Says Corby Pot Case Breaks His Heart

SCHAPELLE Corby remained sedated in her prison cell yesterday as her lawyer questioned whether she'll be mentally strong enough to give evidence in a final bid to win her freedom.

'Info-mania' Dents IQ More Than Marijuana

The relentless influx of emails, cellphone calls and instant messages received by modern workers can reduce their IQ by more than smoking marijuana, suggests UK research.



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