High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Coolest Pool in the World

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Elemental Seeds has made a splash on the pot scene winning multiple Cannabis Cups. They test out their new strains in outdoor conditions. But what makes their operation special is their swimming pool. The deck is crowded with test strains. We’ll jump in their deep e...


Recent Articles

Home Invasion Call Turns into Pot Bust

A Mt. Washington man who called police to report his home was being burglarized was arrested this morning when police found marijuana plants growing in his backyard.

Dutch Set to Ditch EU Treaty

Dutch voters are poised to deliver another hammer blow to the European Union constitution tomorrow.

Ice Cream Truck Driver Charged with Dealing Pot

An ice cream truck driver is in jail charged with peddling more than snow cones and fudgecicles from his vehicle in Albuquerque’s South Valley.

Flurry of Major Supreme Court Rulings Expected to Start

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court justices usually leave some of the hardest cases for the final month of the term, and this year is no different. The court is due to decide 29 cases by the end of June, including nettlesome issues surrounding medical marijuana, the Ten Co...

Canadian Marijuana Crusader Wins Right to Appeal Conviction

CALGARY -- Calgary marijuana crusader Grant Krieger has won the right to appeal a trafficking conviction to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Researchers Believe That Nicotine is Far More Addictive Than Marijuana, Cocaine or Heroin

A lick of arsenic, a whiff of ammonia, a hint of hydrogen cyanide... a complete concoction of 210 carcinogenic chemicals is turning irresistible for Bangalore’s youngsters, who are increasingly getting hooked on tobacco. It may be more lethal than AIDS, but one of the ...

Stoned: Oliver Stone Busted on DWI and Drug Possesion

May 29, 2005 -- LOS ANGELES - Conspiracy-loving director Oliver Stone had only himself to blame when he got busted at a police drunken-driving checkpoint - the location had been announced to the public in advance. The Oscar-winning director, 58, was busted on suspicion of d...

Home-grow Kits Fuel Cannabis Boom in the UK

An explosion in the amount of cannabis grown in people's homes has alarmed senior police officers, with some forces reporting a sixfold increase in seizures. Home-grown cannabis now accounts for more than half of all consumption in the UK.

Report of UFO Leads to Drug Arrests

LIBERTY, Ind. -- The report of an unidentified flying object over Union County early today resulted in the arrest of two Connersville men on a variety of drug charges.


HIGH TIMES is saddened and outraged to report the sentencing of 27 year-old Australian Schapelle Corby to 20 years in Indonesian prison for allegedly smuggling 4.1kg of pot into Bali. Whether or nor she's guilty, and we believe quite strongly she's innocent (check dontshoots...



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